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Monty Miranda • Director

SXSW Award-Winning filmmaker Monty Miranda directs and produces movies, commercials, and documentaries around the world. When not directing, Monty can sometimes be found behind another camera shooting for the glossy pages of magazines like Vogue. Scroll to view select trailers from Monty Miranda's movies, Series, Documentaries and commercials. Features, Television, Digital Content. ®bombshellpictures

ESSENCE OF LOVE (31720) wip

Essence of Love, dir Monty Miranda
33 minutes

Hopefully I am almost at picture lock. That said there is much more to be finished, including sound mix, color correction and VFX. I am sharing this cut to a few valued friends and colleagues for any creative notes you could and would provide to me. More so than my past films this movie was extremely low budget. I am super thankful for the collaborators and cast that helped me make this film and I thank you in advance for your true and honest comments. I am sharing with you because I really value your creative thoughts. Once locked, I (we), can begin to figure out how best to release this odd length 33 minute movie. Is it a 6 part web series? Is it a Pilot (we have more script and story for all included characters)? The distributor on my The Insomniac just renamed the Film "24 Seven" and released it on their Youtube platform. In about two months we have half million views. I suppose there are some interesting options.

Again thank you for your time and hope you are all staying calm and safe. Forward comments to me at or just give me a call, I like it when people call me.